Bryn Dyment

I work on the web.

Front End Developer


React, Apollo, GraphQL, JSS, Material UI, React Query, SASS, TypeScript


Unity Technologies (Tokyo, Japan)

Front End Developer (July 2019 – present)

  • Front-end lead (React) on an unannounced product.
  • Built the prototype with create-react-app, Apollo, GraphQL, Material UI, TypeScript.
  • Building the product in a shared monorepo with React Query, REST, JavaScript.

Hoo Logic (Tokyo, Japan)

Front End Developer (July 2015 – present)

  • Front-end consulting for various international clients.
  • Toyota USA – front-end lead (React, hardware integration) on an unannounced product, in collaboration with Japanese design firm IGREK.
  • Neuron – front-end lead (React, hardware integration) on a mobile app controlling aspects of an American startup’s electric truck offerings, also in collaboration with IGREK.
  • Sophos, Apria – front-end lead (Vue.js) on two client projects (network security mobile administration and enterprise healthcare) for American UX firm Drawbackwards.
  • Iffy Studio – front-end lead (vanilla JS) on three entertainment-related websites for this UK design firm.
  • Product owner and sole developer (React) of Real Kana, a Japanese language learning website receiving five million page views a month.

Groupon (Palo Alto, CA)

Mobile Front End Developer (August 2011 – June 2015)

  • Front-end lead on the US mobile website: global search, nearby deals, hotel bookings, etc.
  • Front-end lead on mobile migration from Rails to Node.js.
  • Front-end lead on migration of legacy, country-specific mobile websites (France, Germany, Italy, UK, etc.) to Groupon’s global API.

Xoom (San Francisco, CA)

Front End Developer (July 2004 – July 2011)

  • Sole front-end developer for initial three years of this consumer-facing international remittance website (acquired by PayPal in 2015).
  • Designed and implemented a custom content management system (editor, publisher, and interface to translation system).
  • Invited to join engineering after collaborating as Technical Product Manager on various projects.


University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada)

Systems Design Engineering


I appreciate good design, and enjoy being part of a team working on something worthwhile.

I’m smart, collaborative, pragmatic, and have a strong track record as a remote developer.

My standards are high — pixel-perfect code, reusable component design, UX feedback, API architecture, and English.

I have a unique sense of humor and love my work.


We work on the web.

iks design

Bespoke company + portfolio website.

React, Gatsby, Sanity.


Web translation service.

React, GraphQL, Material UI, TypeScript.


Enterprise healthcare.

Vue.js, Laravel.

Real Kana

Five million page views per month.

React, Gatsby, TypeScript.


Flowers. Bass synth. Gravity.

What did we create?

iOS, Swift.


Daily find-the-best-path puzzle.

React, MUI, TypeScript.


Network security mobile administration.

Vue.js, Vuex, Axios.

Real Kanji

Japanese study website.

React, Gatsby, GraphQL.

Real Kana App

iOS, Objective C.


Send styled messages.

jQuery, SVG.